How to help
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Tuesday, 09 December 2008
Balkan Sunflowers needs your support. Balkan Sunflowers came into being spontaneously in 1999, building upon the experiences of earlier grassroots initiatives in the former Yugoslavia but lacking an institutional base of its own. There is no big organization to rely on, nor the financial resources that go with it. We depend on individual donations, fundraising actions, and institutional donors.

Your donation to BSF

There are several ways to make your financial contribution: You can make your donation to our bank accounts in the US, Spain or Kosovo. Balkan Sunflowers is a registered humanitarian organization, so your donation may be tax-deductible. All donations, small or large, are welcome! Use the donation button on this page, or go to our donations page for more information.


We encourage Balkan Sunflower volunteers and friends to develop fundraising initiatives, both to cover their own costs if they are coming to the Balkans, and, of course, for our projects. Before you start, please contact us. We can also provide you with information, advice and support in your fundraising!

Project funding

We receive grants from international, intergovernmental, governmental and non-governmental bodies. Potential donors can contact us to receive more specific information on our projects and the most pressing needs at the moment. Information on previous donors and project partners can be found on the Donors page or on the Learning Centers Network donors page.
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