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Thursday, 18 December 2008
Many different supporters have contributed to the rebirth and growth of Scouting in Kosovo. They have included, foremost, Kosovars (of various backgrounds and communities) who were involved in the movement before the troubles that tore Yugoslavia apart. Many of them had memories of old friendships and ties that could bridge the separations. There have also been the scout movements, particularly the European Scout Office, the ESO's MOBA project, the Scouts and Guides of France, as well as German scouts active in Kosovo. Military (KFOR) units, including the British, American, Norwegian, and Finnish, were supportive and generous. Donors included the Swiss Liaison Office and Caritas Italiana.

Balkan Sunflowers has supported the movement since 2001. Nine BSF volunteers with active scouting backgrounds, starting with Ruud van der Meer from the Netherlands in 2001, have supported scouting, working with local scout leaders, starting new groups, facilitating numerous camps and training programs, and helping leaders meet across ethnic divides.

In 2005, Scouting for Change 2 led by Elise Druet from France, Sami Mustafa and Gezim Visoka from Kosovo, had training meetings, published newsletters, and facilitated summer training programs organized and led by Scouts et Guides de France. They also facilitated a number of workcamps around Kosovo including groups of French scouts doing activities with scout groups in a number of communities.

From late 2005, BSF involvement was quite reduced. BSF has continued to support a group in Plemetina village that have had almost weekly activities with kids and campouts when they could. In August 2010, the Plemetina scouts invited prospective scouts from other towns to a 5-day mountain training camp in Kosovo’s Sharri Mountains.
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