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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

We’re always looking toward the future but as we are very proud of the work done in the Learning Centers last year, let’s take a look back at 2013!

A Good Start for the New Year

The year started off with celebrations in all the Learning Centers and distribution of New Year’s gifts for around 470 children and 76 staff members. The packages of socks, toothbrushes, school materials and snacks added color and sweetness to this jolly season.

BSFK’s Newest Learning Center

As part of the Learning Centers Network, Balkan Sunflowers inaugurated its fifth Learning Center located in the Social Housing Buildings of Plemetina (Obiliq/Obilic Municipality) on Friday, April 19. This was a significant milestone in BSFK history and the result of consistent efforts and cooperation with the community from Obiliq/Obilic, Municipality officials, the Royal Norwegian Embassy and the Luxembourg Embassy. The center receives a daily average of 64 students from preschool to ninth grade and little by little has become a space for joyful learning, academic achievements and community development.

Support Kits for Women’s Literacy Participants

During 2013, the LCN Women’s Literacy Programs in 3 locations (Gracanica, Fushe Kosova and Shtime) distributed a total of 388 support kits benefiting its regular participants. These kits were distributed on a monthly basis and consisted of items related to that month’s theme: family health, nutrition, hygiene, housekeeping, etc.

Learning Center Network(ing)

Balkan Sunflowers Kosova has become member of International Step by Step Association (ISSA). ISSA is a membership organization that connects professionals and organizations working in the field of early childhood development and education, promoting equal access to quality education and care for all children, especially in the early years of their lives. This membership opens the door for local and international cooperation while also providing opportunities for professional development of our staff. BSFK staff members working in preschool programs in all 5 learning centers have also become part of KRAE-EYN (Kosovo Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian - Early Years Network), a local network of professionals and paraprofessionals working in services aimed at young children from Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian communities and their families. In this on-line platform members exchange experiences of successful (and not-so-successful) initiatives, learn from each other, and share insights to give every child a good start in life from the earliest age.

Keeping Active During the Summer

The children attending the Learning Centers enjoyed 5 weeks of rich and fun activities organized around four different subjects during this year’s Summer Program: music, drama, sports and art. Throughout each of the weeks children gradually built their capacities in each area according to their own interests. By the end of each week every child had explored his or her personal talents and cooperated in fostering each other’s capacities. For the culmination of the Summer Program, parents were invited to the final performances and an exhibition of the work done during the past weeks.

LCN Explores Kosovo

This year children, youth and women attending LCN programs enjoyed recreational and educational excursions to different locations in Kosovo, from professional sports fields in Prishtina to visits in Prizren, the Rugova Valley and more. A total of approximately 300 participants enjoy these great opportunities for connecting the theoretical knowledge gained through academic lessons in the classrooms with meaningful experiences.
FKLC Supports Four New Primary School Students Four young girls who had never attended school were successfully integrated to primary school after attending to intensive literacy and numeracy classes in our Women Literacy Program in Fushe Kosova. We’re very proud of them and wish them the best of luck!

Special Celebrations for Children’s Day

Although every day in the LCN is devoted to making the lives of children better, for International Children’s Day in June, our five Learning Centers held special activities, games and performances for children and their parents. The programs for the day included cooperative games between parents and children, dance performances, football tournaments and shows put on by Clowns Without Borders.

Children Supported Prior to National Tests

Just as every year, children in 6th grade attending the Learning Centers received special support from staff and school teachers to prepare them for national tests. During the four weeks prior to the tests, each center organized special lessons in Math, Language, Chemistry and History. As result of their hard work, all children passed the test to further continue their education in secondary school.

Two LCN Staff Members Begins University Study

Two of our staff from Shtime Learning Center have committed to further their education, starting university in September. Congratulations and keep up the good work, Avdullah and Jeton!

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Visits FKLC

The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Mrs. Navanethem "Navi" Pillay, visited the Fushe Kosova Learning Center, as part of her official visit to Kosovo, on 20th June. Mrs. Pillay and her delegation had the opportunity to visit the center, interact with the children and other members of the community, and learn more about the situation of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian communities in Kosovo as well as Balkan Sunflowers’ work.

BSFK Receives ERSTE Foundation Award for Social Integration

We are very happy for being counted as one of the 35 winners of this prestigious international award. We have been recognized for our Learning Centers Network and School Mediation program. This was the second time our project was Kosovo Country Winner.

Last Updated ( Friday, 21 March 2014 )
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