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Written by Administrator   
Tuesday, 09 December 2008

Often, volunteers have been involved in simple activities - going with someone who does not have full freedom of movement to a doctor, for example. Human dignity includes human rights. It refers to the values of respect, tolerance, security. Often, when we speak of human rights we refer to negative infringements. It is also necessary to speak positively of humane values. 

While all Balkan Sunflowers programs are intended to support humane values, one ground-breaking project that could be replicated in other parts of the world, that particularly focused on Human Dignity was 
Great Films that Change Our World.  The Great Films project included broadcast of 66 outstanding feature films on national television, with broadcast panel discussions, teacher guides, and classroom projects.


Current projects contributing to human dignity include: PRECEDE KoSana the Learning Centers Network , School Mediators, Rolling Film Festival 4 , and  the  Strategy Advocates  program.

To look at some of our old projects visit Past Projects .
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